On this page you can read the terms and conditions that apply to CARL&SON web shop and all product orders that you make. Before ordering, please read carefully.


CARL&SON website uses cookies.
A cookie is a small text file stored on the visitor’s computer that contains information to help the website identify and track the visitor.
Cookies cannot contain viruses or harm the visitor’s computer and occupies almost no space on the hard drive. 


At CARL&SON we use this type of cookie to keep track of the visitor’s shopping cart and to keep statistics of our visitors.
We do not use cookies to gather personal information or for marketing purposes. The information stored on the visitor’s computer is only a number without any connection to personal information. By accepting CARL&SON terms and conditions you agree to the use of cookies.
If you do not want to accept the use of cookies, you can turn off cookies in the browser’s security settings.
Note that if you choose to not accept cookies, you will not be able to make purchases in the CARL&SON web shop.
You can read more about cookies at the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency’s website.


Prices and VAT
All prices in the online shop include 25% VAT and the currency is Swedish Krona (SEK). Should the VAT rate change, CARL&SON reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly. 

Payment terms

You can make your payment using a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Card payments are handled by our partner Stripe to ensure quick and secure payments. Learn more about Stripe here. All products remain the property of CARL&SON until full payment is made. The prices applicable are set at the date on which you place your order.

All products are packed at our warehouse in Malmö, Sweden. If the requested products are on stock, you will receive your package within 1-3 days within Sweden.

Shipping cost
Shipping within Sweden is free of charge. 


Signing for parcels
When signing for your parcels please make sure you collect the same amount of parcels you sign for. Any lost parcels must be claimed with the forwarder on site.

Unclaimed parcels
For parcels that are not picked up within 14 days, CARL&SON reserves the right to charge you a handling fee to cover return shipping, freight and administrative costs.

Destroyed packaging / transport damages
If a shipment is lost, or you – when picking up the parcel – notice that the outer box is damaged, you should report that to the pick-up service and save a copy of the report for your reference if something is damaged inside the box. If you notice when opening the box, that an item has been damaged during transport, you should immediately report this to us and if possible include a photo of the damaged goods. Send us an email with this report to info@carlandsonskincare.com and mark the email “transport damages”. We will contact you immediately to solve the situation.

Returns must be made no later than 14 days after the day of pick up to generate a full refund of the purchase value.
Returned products must be kept in its original packaging, in good condition and unopened.
Damaged or opened products will not be accepted and no refunds will be made. Freight costs for returns will be covered by the customer.
Please note that refunds are not valid for discounted products.


When returning a purchased product please clearly mark the returning parcel ‘RETURNED GOODS.

How to return and get a money refund:

1.     Before returning your product you need to send an email marked “Return” to info@carlandsonskincare.com.
State your order number and list the products you would like to return, once you receive an approval from us you can return the products.

2.     When returning the products, clearly mark the parcel with your order number and make sure to note the ID-number of the parcel, and keep the receipt. It’s for your own security and to be able to trace the shipment.

3.     For extra security please send the ID-number to us, allowing us to follow the delivery.

4.    CARL&SON will refund accepted returns immediately. Please allow a few days for the banks to handle the transfer of the funds.

If the product does not correspond to the standard expected please send an email marked “Complaint” to info@carlandsonskincare.com stating your order number and describing the nature of the complaint. Please do so as soon as possible after receiving the delivery.
We will get back to you immediately to try and solve the problem.


Age restrictions
To be able to place an order in our online shop you must be 16 years or older. 

Stock availability
All products available for purchase are on stock if no other info is shown.

Personal information
CARL&SON will act responsibly for all personal information requested from you. The personal information will be used to ensure deliveries, for credit assessment and to provide offers and information to you.
The information you provide is only available to CARL&SON and will not be shared with any third parties.
You have the right to inspect the information held about you and you always have the right to request it to be deleted or corrected. By accepting CARL&SON’s terms and conditions, you agree to the above.

Force Majeure
Events outside CARL&SON´s control, which are not reasonably foreseeable, shall be considered force majeure, meaning that CARL&SON is released from its obligations to fulfil contractual agreements. Example of such events are, but not limited to; government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflict, embargo, fire or flood, sabotage, accident, war, natural disasters, strikes or lack of delivery from suppliers.
The force majeure also includes government decisions that affect the market negatively and products, for example, restrictions, warnings, ban, etc.